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Happy December Krewe Pass,

It has been so much fun seeing you all love Lauren’s new music from near and far this year! In-person at shows or over social media – we see you celebrating the joy of this music!

To round out the year, we invite you to post your best moments with Lauren from 2023 & where we might see you during Kaleidoscope Tour 2024! Five lucky winners will receive a Christmas bundle!

Here’s how it works:

Use the hashtag #LDAlbumKrewe with each post on each platform (Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, etc)

Posts eligible from December 1-18, 2023.

Try to encourage people to buy, download, order bundles, stream, etc.

And send us a VIDEO answering some of these questions:

  • Your favorite part of the Kaleidoscope Tour
  • Your favorite pre-show concourse activity (Salvation Mountain, Dancing Girl, Yarn Cave, etc)
  • Show us your best LD dance move
  • Favorite LD outfit from 2023
  • Your favorite song from the self titled album
  • What was your favorite moment with LD in 2023
  • Funniest LD moment of 2023

Recipients will be selected and contacted via email by 12/19/2023.

*Please note: 15 second maximum. Videos may be used in the future on social media, by submitting a video you are consenting to our use of this material.

Good luck and THANK YOU!